Those working behind the scenes on casting Terminator: Genesis have been desperately searching for the perfect guy to play Kyle Reese. Who could it be? There’s been some murmurs that either Boyd Holbrook or Jai Courtney were going to grab the role, but today they’ve made their decision. Kyle Reese will now be played by Jai Courtney, and that news doesn’t have too many people excited.

While it does make sense that they would cast a fresh new actor into a big role like that of Kyle Reese, Jai Courtney isn’t considered the best actor out there. There’s a sudden outcry over his acting skills, or lack thereof, after the news of his casting in this pivotal role was made this morning. He previously co-starred alongside Bruce Willis in the underwhelming A Good Day To Die Hard, which doesn’t make fans of the beloved Terminator series any happier. You can still run into a few people online who continually ask why those behind Terminator: Genesis are insistent on moving forward with this remake, but the answer is quite simple.

There is still a market out there where remakes, to one degree or another, are still profitable. The market for some of these films is apparent and those who have their hands on said properties have the opportunity not only to revive a cool franchise but make a decent buck off of it. At the same time the argument can be made that it’s a waste of the studio’s time and money, chucking out millions towards a remake that could go nowhere (Fright Night). For these studios to take constant risks like this in the remake sector make movie-goers worry and complain about the lack of original content that these companies put out on the big screen.

In it’s defense, this could turn out to be a potentially good movie, if all the right pieces fall into place. Emilia Clarke has been cast as our new Sarah Connor and Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) will be directing the picture. Will this be a potential success or a bomb? I’m not sure, but my curiosity does propel me to watch this when it comes out.

What do you think of the casting decisions so far for Terminator: Genesis?

Source: Slashfilm