Cougar Town-Time to Move On-Ian Gomez and Courteney Cox

Cougar Town seems to have lost its mother. “Time to Move On” was almost a great night with Jules phoning in her smothering. Everyone else was passionate and pun-worthy, but without a strong lead story was it a good episode?

The Players:

  • Director: Sam Jones
  • Writers: Brad Morris and Emily Wilson
  • Cast: Courteney Cox, Christa Miller, Busy Phillips, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez, Brian Van Holt, Bon Clendenin

Episode Title: “Time to Move On”

Ellie needs Laurie’s help to get Stan into a new preschool while Jules worries about Travis’s future with an art degree. Elsewhere, Andy makes a cat video for Bro-day.

The Good:

  • Tramplstilskin: Faking a lesbian relationship to gain entry to a snooty private school isn’t the most original idea.  Luckily when the fake couple is Ellie and Laurie you can’t be disappointed. We could have coasted on the strength of Ellie’s thank you insults; Tramplestilskin and Hoobaskank might be her best barbs yet. Watching their faux-family dissolve at the perspective parents breakfast was a beautiful snapshot of insanity. Laurie’s, “giant pit of need,” clashing with Ellie’s, “seething ball of need,” would have been a great escape from their lie, except they were serious. Yet again, Laurie wins everything. She went from stroking Ellie’s face on the, “highway to the lady zone, what what,” to grabbing a fistful of free sandwich as she stormed out. These two are really becoming a powerhouse partnership, and though their pseudo lesbian makeup was total dude bait we’re on board.
  • Meow We’re Talking: Grayson and Andy’s Bro-day turned into a pun party, and we’re so glad we were invited. Making a cat video with Tom and his cat Snowball doesn’t exactly live up to Grayson’s picture with Gloria Estefan’s granny, but it worked. We’re not sure a Cat-countant is any funnier than a Cat-tender, but the battle between Cat-sablanca and Cat-tails paid off. Like the pair before them, Andy and Grayson play well off each other because they commit fully to every moment.  They were able to clear the cat-mosphere just in time to pull off a very ridiculous Cat-sablanca. We’ve got no clue why Grayson’s voice for Snowball came out in a Christopher Walken tone, but we’ve got no complaints.

The Bad:

  • Raising a Deadbeat: Worrying about Travis’s future was a prime opportunity for Jules’ irrational smothering to make a triumphant return. Instead we got Jules and Bobby’s flaccid scared straight approach. After Travis’ plan to move home while waiting for this decades trifecta of get rich quick ploys to work—web series, blog, or app—his parents panic. They set him up with a coffee shop interview, watched him bomb, tried to scare him, and got lucky when his maturity won the day.  It’s great that Trav came to his senses and became a barista, almost as good as learning that Jules pays for her coffee in hugs. However, when the most inspired part of the plot was Grayson’s impression of what a scared straight impression should look like, there’s a problem. This show only works when you marry the insanity with the morality. One without promises for illogical or mundane moments.

The Quotable:

  •  Andy: “Do we have to call it Bro-day?” Grayson: “Well I used to call it dudes on the on the down low but it turns out that means something else.”


“Time to Move On” wasn’t a train wreck, but when then main story is a dud things are off track. When Jules is more upset about Ellie and Laurie swapping spit without her than her son’s lack of ambition, there’s a problem.

Rating: 7.5/10

Cougar Town airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TBS.

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