game-of-thrones-season-3-trailerThis may be the quietest new release week we’ve seen in a while, though it could be that with the powerhouse HBO show Game of Thrones hitting home video, no one else wanted to compete.


  • Afternoon Delight: Jill Solloway made a name for herself in television, and graduated to the big screen with this film, which stars the always great Katherine Hahn, and the often naked Juno Temple. One of last year’s summer indie films, it doesn’t feel like this clicked with audiences.
  • Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season, Nurse Jackie: Season Five: A winter is coming, and for those looking to relive the Red Wedding over and over again, this is your moment. And Nurse Jackie!



  • Bad Dreams / Visiting Hours, Darkman: Collector’s Edition: Sam Raimi’s first superhero movie was a modest hit back in 1990, but it’s fondly remembered, and one that Raimi fans have long championed, so it’s great that Scream Factory has put out the film. As for the other two, they’re most notable for the video box art back in the day, as their quality as 80’s slasher movies is modest.   
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox, Foreign Correspondent: The Criterion collection will (it seems) eventually release every Wes Anderson film, and now the only film not in the collection is Moonrise Kingdom. They’re also putting out one of Hitchcock’s most underrated 40’s films, and it’s well worth picking up.

 What are you picking up this week?