donal logue

Last week, Sons of Anarchy and Terriers actor Donal Logue landed the role of Harvey Bullock in Fox’s upcoming Batman-inspired TV series Gotham. The pilot is set to shoot in a few weeks, and details on the series have been scarce thus far. Thankfully Logue decided to give an interview where he dropped several details on his character and the setting and conflict of the show.

Logue talked to Nerd Repository (via ComingSoon) about Gotham and gave some new information, including how he’s planning to bring his own thing to the Bullock character. Logue mentioned that he doesn’t think he resembles the cartoon version of Bullock at all, but that that’s okay since he doesn’t “want to feel forced to do an impersonation of something else” because that could be a “difficult thing to keep up over the course of a longer series.”

The actor also gave hints that the series won’t be set in the present time. He said Gotham will have a “heavy Blade Runner vibe floating around” but that it’s not really futuristic.

“It has this anachronistic element to it where it feels like it’s either New York in the ’70s, or it kind of exists independently of time and space in a way, and you can dip into all of these different genres. So I’m excited by it…..There were a couple of examples of modern technology, but maybe an antiquated version of it, that gave me a little bit of sense that it’s certainly not the ’50s and the ’60s. No one’s making a joke about how “there’s no way you can press a telephone button and have a piece of paper show up in another machine.” There is an acceptance of a certain technological reality. But its not high tech and it’s not futuristic, by any means.”

Logue also talked about the show’s conflict, including what the law will be and the role of good and bad guys.

“There’s kind of an ambiguous line between good and bad. We have to let certain bad guys do certain things, in order for the greater good, for this machine to keep working. And then someone comes in who’s like ‘No, I have a much more black and white view, I’m not into this notion of moral relativism. There’s right and there’s wrong.’….And what is law? Is law this platonic form of truth that floats in space that is fixed, or is it something that’s this arbitrary thing where it’s like “the law is me and you, right now, in this car. Whatever we determine, that’s the law.” And that’s the kind of thing that will be a conflict in this show.”

Gotham‘s cast includes Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, as well as Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot, Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth, Zabryna Guevara as Gordon’s boss at the GCPD, Captain Essen, and Erin Richards as Gordon’s fiancee, Barbara Kean. The show is expected to debut sometime this fall.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Gotham?