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At this point I’m more or less convinced that James Cameron‘s dreams of an Avatar sequel are nothing more than talk, but he swears that they’re going to pop up on the big screen eventually, and a lot sooner rather than later. The famous filmmaker has been chattering away about how some of the latest technological advances in cinema will help him film the sequels a lot faster, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

A lot of us aren’t entirely sure what the hold up is on James Cameron’s Avatar sequels, other than the lack of interest at this point, but he’s still trudging along trying to get them made. In a recent interview, he briefly speaks about how the process of creating these movies has been bumped up thanks to some cool technology:

The first film… took almost four years to make. We expect to be able to accelerate the process quite a bit, because we’ve improved a lot of the software and the computer graphics tools, and we’ve been working very closely with Weta Digital down here in New Zealand developing a whole new suite of tools to speed up the process.

How far along is the script for the sequel from being completed? James Cameron informs fans on how it’s going:

We’re still in the early stages. Right now we’re developing the software. I’m writing the scripts. We’re designing all the creatures and characters and the settings, and so on. So, I’m not actually directing yet, but I’m doing all the other creative processes that lead up to that. It’s going very well. I think it’s going to be spectacular. You’ll see new worlds, new habitats, new cultures. The primary conflict between the human view kind of dominating nature and the Na’vi view of being integrated into nature is the same, but it manifests itself in very different ways.

It would be safe to say that the Avatar sequels will more than likely see the light of day by around 2020. Check out the rest of the video interview with James Cameron!

Do you still want to see an Avatar sequel?

Source: Slashfilm