Now that the whole second season of House of Cards has hit the internet, Netflix can turn its attention to their other super-addicting hit series – Orange Is the New Black. The video streaming service has just revealed the premiere date for all thirteen episodes of OITNB season two, and they threw in a little teaser trailer with their announcement. Check it out below.

Are you ready? Alright, mark your calendars because Piper, Crazy Eyes, and insane Jesus-freak Pennsatucky will return on June 6, 2014. So tell your bosses now that you’re going to need that weekend off because binge watching is serious disease. Anyway, here’s the short and sweet teaser:

Though the teaser doesn’t reveal much, it does a good job setting a much more intense tone. And Piper looks tough and angry at the end of the clip. It seems like she’s finally getting the hang of prison. (No more Ms. Nice Girl.)

If you recall, season one of OITNB left off with quite a cliffhanger. (We’re sure you’ve already watched and re-watched the first season, but just in case you haven’t, there are some spoilers ahead.) Piper has lost the support of both her ex-lesbian lover Alex (Laura Prepon) and fiancé Larry (Jason Biggs), In a moment of desperation, she takes revenge on Pennsatucky for her continuous bullying, and just like that becomes a murderer (maybe). We have yet to find out if she actually killed Pennsatucky or just hurt her really badly – that’s the cliffhanger. The plot for season 2 has been kept under wraps, but it has been said that Prepon won’t be around for the entire season.

Are you a fan of Orange Is The New Black? What do you think of the teaser?

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