The LEGO Movie

No one really loved the new RoboCop. In fact, most of the pans and praise covered the same territory. Assembly line films get assembly line reviews. And audiences seemed to be able to tell that was the case. Which may be why The LEGO Movie stayed on top. But it may also be because it’s really good and everyone loves it.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The LEGO Movie $48,810,000 (-29.3) $12,930 $129,113,000
2 About Last Night $27,000,000 $11,984 $27,000,000
3 RoboCop $21,500,000 $6,376 $26,400,000
4 The Monuments Men $15,000,000 (-31.8) $4,865 $43,670,000
5 Endless Love $13,380,000
$4,620 $13,380,000
6 Ride Along $8,759,000 (-8.7) $3,480 $116,133,000
7 Winter’s Tale $7,785,000 $2,965 $7,785,000
8 Frozen $5,855,000 (-14.8) $2,787 $376,046,000
9 Lone Survivor $4,076,000 (-26.8) $2,025 $118,402,000
10 That Awkward Moment $3,337,000 (-36.3) $1,736 $21,400,000

What’s most impressive about The LEGO Movie is that it only fell thirty percent. That may partly be because of the holiday Monday, but if I previously thought $200 Million was the end game, we could see the film climb past $250 or even $300. If it weren’t for The Passion of the Christ, it could have been the biggest February film ever. These numbers are impressive as all get out.

RoboCop will take a fifty (or more) percent plunge next weekend as it’s an action movie (though the mid-week opening could get that closer to forty) which means that the film probably can’t get past $60 Million domestic. That’s bad. But just look at the per screen. No one was into this, and it’s not like the film was hard to see. With the February release date, Sony and everyone involved likely knew they didn’t have a hit on their hands, and Sony’s putting out a new film next week that’s going after the same audience, so it seems they’re moving away as fast as they can. About Last Night was their picture as well, and it’s a big fat winner. Kevin Hart‘s films made over $35 Million at the box office this weekend, and About is going to finish up over $60 Million, which — as long as the ad budget was kept reasonable — means a win.

Endless Love and Winter’s Tale may have cancelled each other out as the “romantic” films for the Valentine’s Day crowd. Endless Love was much cheaper, and did better. It could find life as a Lifetime rerun. Winter’s Tale is a bomb, though Warner Brothers acted like they were embarrassed about it, so they knew what they had, and they must have owed its director this picture.

Sometimes box office is a marathon (though it’s normally a sprint), and it’s possible that Frozen will make it to $400 Million domestic. It’s possible.

Reality Check: My positioning was spot on, I just thought the East Coast’s weather problems would have been more of a factor. It turns out they weren’t.

What did you watch this weekend?