The buzz of curiosity and anticipation for Lars Von Trier‘s cinematic trip down the promiscuous rabbit hole that is Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 is continually rising, especially after today. Those behind the upcoming feature put out a brand new, and PG trailer, for the movie just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Now if you’re curious as to why the title is suddenly changed from Nymphomaniac to the one you see listed above, the answer is quite simple. The distributors behind the film had to go ahead and separate it into two movies, or else a number of audience members would be sitting in the theaters watching a number of sexual acts happen in front of their eyes for 4 1/2 hours. It’s doubtful that many movie-goers would want to sit in a theater for that long to watch this picture. I would want to take the challenge but the distributors have to think about selling tickets, so it’s been separated in two.

Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as Joe, a woman who claims to be a nymphomaniac. She finds herself under the care of an older bachelor (Stellan Skarsgård), tending to her wounds as she tells the story of her sordid past. The rest of the cast includes Uma Thurman, Christian Slater, Shia LaBeouf, Stacy Martin, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Udo Kier and Connie Nielsen. If you’re interested in watching Nymphomaniac: Volume 1, check it out when it arrives On Demand this March 6th; in limited theaters on March 21st. Watch the latest trailer below.

Watch the trailer!

Will you see Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 when it’s out in theaters?

Source: Slashfilm