Nicolas Cage Joe

Nicolas Cage gets too much abuse for being a performer who can go big. He needs to; it’s what makes him great. He can be over the top and yet still be empathetic. Sure, he’s filled with quirks and ticks, but give me a Nicolas Cage performance any day over — say, Ben Affleck or Christian Bale (not to pick on Batmen). Now he’s teamed with David Gordon Green for the film Joe, and maybe people will take him seriously against after this.

The film has obviously screened festivals going by the pull quotes scattered throughout the trailer (and screened well), and they’re selling the Cage comeback. And why not, the big screen has certainly missed his larger than life presence. This could also be a comeback for Green, who directed comedies for the studios until back-to-back bombs Your Highness and The Sitter returned him to his indie roots. Here’s that trailer:

The Outlaw Vern best refered to Cage’s ability to go large as mega-acting, though it looks like this is a much smaller and contained performance, and less likely to feature odd ticks, but then this is also a trailer that sells the movie in a straightforward fashion, one that shows an older character who’s had trouble in the past and is on the straight and narrow until he becomes someone’s mentor, which puts him in danger of returning to his previous ways. That may be the skeleton of the film, but it’s how the film colors outsides those lines that will make it. Joe hits theaters and VOD April 11.

What’s your favorite Nicolas Cage performance?