This week there are three remakes hitting theaters. You could have called this a remake weekend, except Winter’s Tale came along and ruined everything. RoboCop, About Last Night and Endless Love are the aforementioned remakes, all taken from 1980′s movies. And yet none of them have enough public awareness to rocket to the top past The LEGO Movie.

Critics across the board seem to be on the same page about the RoboCop remake, which is that it feels like a film that was neutered and noted to death (for those who don’t know about studio notes, well you’re lucky, but they’re revisions usually done to make the film more commercial, as in “beef up the female role to make it more appealing to the female audience” etc.). There may still be an audience for it, but if this was meant to be a franchise relaunch… it isn’t. Perhaps international will save the movie, but it’s unlikely to clear $100 domestic.

It’s likely to get a run for its second place money from About Last Night. That film stars Kevin Hart, and he’s coming off of Ride Along. Expect bigger things from that than expected, even if the ad campaign hasn’t been winning. Endless Love looks like a big miss, but perhaps the weekend (it’s a love story, its Valentine’s Day on Friday) will boost it.

Winter’s Tale is being critically shellacked. Currently it’s at 7% on Rotten tomatoes, and the pull quote for one of the positive reviews is “Winter’s Tale has a magic white horse, and these days you just can’t see enough of those.” Okay then. My read is that Akiva Goldsmith is a screenwriter who’s made a lot of people money, and much like Alex Kurtzman and his film People Like Us, he had a passion project that was likely budgeted at a point the studio couldn’t say no. Then they saw the film and gave it the most cursory of releases. So it’s sent out in the world to die.

But all the films that do poorly this weekend can blame it on the bad weather (and they probably will). So let’s get to it:

  1. The LEGO Movie - $39.5 Million
  2. About Last Night – $19.5 Million
  3. RoboCop – $19 Million
  4. Monuments Men - $13 Million
  5. Endless Love – $11 Million

Storms could conceivably lower the numbers for any and all of these pictures.

What are you going to watch this weekend?