The Purge: Anarchy will be hitting theaters in June, which means this sequel to The Purge will be completed a little more than a year after the first film surprised with a $34 Million opening weekend. Now there’s a trailer for the film, and it promises more of the same.

But where the first film was about home invasion, with Ethan Hawke and family defending themselves from troubled teens (for the most part), this opens up the world a little by having it be about a couple (played by Friday Night LightsZach Gilford and The GladesKiele Sanchez) whose car breaks down on their way home, so it looks like they have to make their way through or near a ghetto. Hopefully it works out okay for them, but when it comes to these movies, at least one of them is likely to not make it to the end credits. Here’s that trailer:

The news broke in December that Frank Grillo (who will also be in Captain America: The Winter Soldier) was joining the cast — possibly as a lead — so that means that the shooting is going well if they already have a trailer. James DeMonaco, who also wrote and directed the previous film, is returning to the helm, while the film is scheduled to hit theaters June 20.

Were you a fan of The Purge?