donal logue

The news on the Gotham cast continues on today, as an actor who was rumored to play Jim Gordon gets his hands on another detective in the Batman universe. It may not be the future commissioner, but if you’re familiar with the comics, then you’ll agree with me in saying that actor Donal Logue (Grounded for Life, Terriers) got his hands on a great role.

There was a period of time where a lot of folks were under the impression that actor Donal Logue would be playing Jim Gordon, but the folks behind Gotham had another character in mind. He’ll be taking on the role of Detective Harvey Bullock. A lot of people may remember the character from various Batman comics, the right hand man to Gordon on a variety of cases. If you’re like me then you remember the scruffy-looking, hard ass detective from Batman: The Animated Series. If we end up getting that interpretation of Detective Harvey Bullock in this television show, I certainly won’t be opposed to that.

Donal Logue will be joining the ever-growing cast that includes Ben McKenzie, Erin Richards, Robin Lord Taylor and Sean Pertwee. One would imagine that they’re going to begin filming the pilot for Gotham at some point in the middle of the year. The show has already been signed up for a full season on Fox, so we’ll be seeing plenty of Gotham’s finest battling crime in those dark alleyways fairly soon.

Do you think Donal Logue is a good fit for Detective Harvey Bullock?

Source: Slashfilm