the dark tower

Given that the Dark Tower series of novels lie at the heart of massively popular novelist Stephen King’s works, and that it is a series that fans obsessively read and followed for 30 years, it makes more than a little sense that fans would be rabid for information on the casting of Ron Howard’s proposed three-films-and-a-TV-series adaptation of the monolithic story of gunslingers, alternate realities, Arthurian legend, and a massive tower that serves as a lynchpin binding together reality (as well as all of King’s other books).

So far, Aaron Paul has mentioned that he’s spoken to Howard about playing junkie-turned-gunslinger Eddie Dean, while speculation has run from Viggo Mortensen (pretty perfect) to Javier Bardem (OK, could be interesting) to Russell Crowe (please, please no) as to who could portray Roland, the haunted anti-hero gunslinger of the series.  But now, Akiva Goldsmith (who has been tasked with attempting to get the adaptation off of the ground with Howard and Brian Grazer) has stated that we shouldn’t be holding our breaths in terms of casting.

In a recent interview, Goldsmith made it clear that while the project will hopefully be realized someday, it isn’t being worked on at the moment and there is no casting happening:

“It’s not officially back on and we will never let it go – until Stephen takes it away from us… No, [casting decisions aren't being made] but I love reading about it!”

Sigh.  Back to my letter-writing campaign to get Liam Neeson as Roland.

What do you think of The Dark Tower news?

Source:  /Film