gotham city

The flood gates of casting news have officially opened for the upcoming Fox show Gotham, and there’s a couple of cool actors joining this project. There’s already a familiar villain amongst the Batman cannon that will be popping his sharp nose into the first season, and maybe we’ll see a little bit of Batman: Year One trickle out with the arrival of Jim Gordon’s fiancé.

The first person to nab a villainous role is Robin Lord Taylor, signed on to play Oswald Cobblepot, infamously known as The Penguin. Sean Pertwee is joining him in the cast, taking on the role of a younger Alfred, the loyal Wayne butler who ends up turning into a faithful guardian for a young Bruce, who eventually turns into Batman. Then there’s Barbara Kean, the woman who becomes the wife to Jim Gordon, who’s being played by Erin Richards. Earlier I mentioned the Batman: Year One story line, and that’s due to what happens to Barbara as the story continues on. Jim and Barbara are happily married for a couple years, but then his work and more personal issues start getting in their way. If you want to know more about the story line, I highly recommend that you pick up that comic.

Cast alongside these three actors is Zabryna Guevara, taking on the role of Captain Essen who will be Gordon’s boss for a good chunk of the show. I wonder how long it will take for them to bump Gordon up the police ranks.

Are you interested in seeing Gotham when it comes out?

Source: Slashfilm