ben mckenzie

If you’re even fairly familiar with television in the past decade, then you more than likely have seen one of Ben McKenzie‘s television shows. His star first began shining when he grabbed the lead role in The OC, and continued to show off his acting chops in Southland. Ben McKenzie suddenly got his hands on a fantastic role, taking on the part of Jim Gordon in the upcoming Gotham series.

If you think that Batman will be popping up in the show anytime soon, you’re right and wrong at the same time. Gotham brings us back to the earlier days of Jim Gordon, a big war hero who turns into a rookie detective. In the show we’re going to see a number of origin stories, not only of villains but of some heroes. Word has it that we’ll be seeing a far younger Bruce Wayne, around the age of 12, so that means we may be seeing our first glimpse of him on the night that changed the boy’s life forever. Apparently the show is set to end when we first see Batman put on the cape, and hopefully this stays on the air long enough to see that final shot.

So who else could be joining the cast? We’re not sure at the moment, but at least Gotham has a full first season order. No word on when we’ll be seeing the show on television.

Do you like the Gordon casting decision? Why or why not?

Source: Slashfilm