HBO is completely aware that fans of its hit series Game Of Thrones are super-ecstatic for Season 4 to begin. But with two months still to go until the premiere episode, the network has decided to throw fans a bone by releasing an awesome 15-minute preview loaded with tons of new footage and fun cast interviews. Check it out.

If you’ve been waiting for any kind of look at the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, this preview is probably as good as it’s going to get (and it’s pretty good stuff). Though there aren’t any spoilers, we get to see a good look of the show behind the scenes. The featurette also includes one-on-one interviews with the cast talking about the bloody Red Wedding, hints about the plot turns to come, and some even tells us their favorite characters in the series. Check it out:

The cast interviews are great because, unlike their super-serious characters, their real personalities are much nicer and pleasant. There footage of Emilia Clarke and her rapidly growing dragons is pretty exciting. And listening to Kit Harrington talk about the evolution of his character from season to season, and also his bromace with Sam is interesting as well.

The new season will draw from the second half of George R.R. Martin‘s A Storm Swords (Book 3 of the A Song of Ice and Fire series), and may also include material from A Feast For Crows (Book 4) and A Dance With Dragons (Book 5). The first of 10 episodes will begin airing April 6 on HBO.

Are you excited for Game of Thrones Season 4?

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