escape from la

A remake of John Carpenter‘s Escape From New York has been in the works for about seven years now, as it was in 2007 that we first heard Gerard Butler was going to take on the Kurt Russell role of Snake Plissken. That version never happened, and for nearly a decade we’ve heard names of directors and actors who attached themselves to the project — or were on someone’s wish list — with no results. But now legendary producer Joel Silver has it, and he wants to turn the first film into a trilogy.

That’s what he told Collider, and he mentions that one of his reference points is the video game Arkham City, while he also suggests that the trilogy would stick to New York, so this wouldn’t reference or go anywhere near Escape From LA, the much-maligned but somewhat enjoyable sequel to the first film. Here’s the video interview Collider did with Joel Silver:

Silver did this interview while promoting his latest action movie Non-Stop, which he made over at Universal. Silver was recently drummed off the Warner Brothers lot after a series of expensive failures, and though the producer may find his legs again (and we would never count out the man was behind the Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Matrix franchises), the prospect of Silver being behind a trilogy of hundred million dollar productions right now seems far fetched. Perhaps if he has some hits, this Escape trilogy could happen (and as he notes, they’re still in the scripting stages, which means they’re nowhere), but we wouldn’t expect a new version any time soon, and it’s possible that after the string of recent remake flops, this could be abandoned.

Call me Snake?