There was a moment on Saturday where — when The LEGO Movie did $17 Million — people thought the film wouldn’t get to $60 Million. Yeah, those people were wrong, and the Chris Miller/Phil Lord directed movie made nearly seventy million, which means if we hear word of a LEGO Movie 2 in the next couple days, it’s because the film is likely to make over two hundred million domestic.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The LEGO Movie $69,110,000 $18,307 $69,110,000
2 The Monuments Men $22,700,000 $7,363 $22,700,000
3 Ride Along $9,394,000 (-21.9) $3,355 $105,167,000
4 Frozen $6,914,000 (-22.6) $2,811 $368,678,000
5 That Awkward Moment $5,540,000 (-36.6)
$1,972 $16,848,000
6 Lone Survivor $5,293,000 (-25.4) $1,845 $112,580,000
7 Vampire Academy $4,101,000 $1,533 $4,101,000
8 The Nut Job $3,809,000 (-47.7) $1,268 $55,082,000
9 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $3,600,000 (-32.2) $1,683 $44,469,000
10 Labor Day $3,230,000 (-37.6) $1,250 $10,172,000

Early projections for The LEGO Movie were in the high fifties, so the film definitely over-performed, and I assume that they’re going to look for a follow up, no matter how illogical that is. It’s going to be a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 type situation, so my guess is that Miller and Lord bow out unless they’ve already got the story locked down and/or they get super-paid.

The Monuments Men opened better than expected as well. Considering the bad word about the movie, it’s almost impressive, then again every cast member is a talk show host’s dream, so it’s likely that all the press the cast did got the film over a little more than perhaps expected. That said, the film probably won’t get past $60 Million when it’s all said and done.

Ride Along crossed the hundred million dollar mark this weekend and should be able to get over $120 Million, Frozen is now the number 3 film from 2013, amd Vampire Academy is this week’s Labor Day. All things considered, it’s a little surprising that Jack Ryan is going to make $50 Million domestic. Considering international was stronger, Paramount’s going to break even on that one, and maybe even make a little money.

Reality Check: I went higher than most on LEGO, but not high enough. I thought Vampire Academy would open a little better, and I thought the weekend would be more sluggish in general. Oh well. Bring on Valentine’s Day.

What did you watch this weekend?