The long road back to Independence Day 2, the Independence Day sequel that seemingly no one has asked for, has been a bit of a bumpy one, and one of the biggest reasons for this has been the waffling of Will Smith, who starred in the original 1996 film.  At various points, Smith has said he was out, then he said he shouldn’t be ruled out, and then director Roland Emmerich stated Smith was “too expensive” and too big a marquee name to fit into the film.  So unsteady was Smith’s connection to the film that Emmerich and co-writer/producer Dean Devlin that two versions of the Independence Day 2 script had to be written, one featuring Smith’s character, Captain Steven Hiller, and one without him.

Well, today seems to mark the end to the mystery—Emmerich and Devlin are reportedly moving on without Smith to make the version of Independence Day 2 that doesn’t feature Hiller.  So, yes, we’re still faced with a world in which we will have to contend with an Independence Day 2, but at least it won’t feature Smith’s increasingly-tired mugging.

What do you think of the Independence Day 2/ Will Smith news?

Source:  Coming Soon