elementary corpse de ballet

Ever so often Elementary does a good job of moderately keeping your attention but there’s not enough here to make this episode stand out. In “Corpse De Ballet,” we didn’t see any feats of character development within the hour, but the crime made it an enjoyable story.

The Players:

  • Director: Jean de Segonzac
  • Writer: Liz Friedman
  • Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill

Episode Title: “Corpse De Ballet”

A ballet is in the middle of dress rehearsals, when the body of a dancer is found cut in half on the stage. Sherlock (Miller) is on the case, but Watson (Liu) is distracted by a missing homeless person.

The Good:

  • Watson’s Case: Watson’s driven to find the whereabouts of a missing homeless man at the insistence of his friend, whom she works with at the local shelter. A lot of the investigation’s done solely by Watson, with very little help from outside sources, specifically Sherlock. The episode ends with her uncovering a grim kidnapping scheme between a couple cashing veterans benefit checks while keeping them hostage in their basement.
  • Tangled Web: The murder that falls into Sherlock’s hands is nothing short of juicy. You’re dealing with a high profile ballerina, not to mention a diva who’s got a powerful lawyer and crazy paparazzi stalker on her tale. There are a lot of twists and turns in this story that definitely make the reveal more satisfying.
  • Direction: There were a couple of shots within “Corpse De Ballet” that I absolutely love, specifically the introduction of the ballerina that turns into a prime suspect. When we first meet her, her face is softly lit, and the camera perfectly shows off the different sides to the character without her having to say a word. There are a couple more quiet moments where a lot is conveyed through action, and you don’t always get too much of that in a procedural detective show, so it was nice to watch.
  • Watson’s Big Reveal: Sherlock continually questions why Watson is paying so much attention to this homeless man’s disappearance. Viewers were a little thrown off when it was revealed that Watson’s biological father is mentally ill and homeless. It gives a more depth to her character, showing why she’s been pursuing the caregiving professions throughout her career. It also makes us love this incarnation of Watson even more.

The So-So:

  • Sherlock’s Many Lovers: Earlier in the episode, we see Sherlock shuffling one random lady after another out of his room. Watson passive aggressively complains about how he’s using the hell out of a multitude of women, but it gets infinitely worse when he brings in the murder suspect for a romp. He explains his deductive reasonings as to why he slept with her, claiming it was for the purpose of finding out about an injury. But this whole sub-plot could have easily been discarded. There wasn’t any really point to it, and for a minute it made Watson appear a little jealous. The day this show creates an affair between Sherlock and Watson is the day I stop watching.

The Bad:

  • Ending of the Case: At one moment, Sherlock is at odds with himself, trying his best to figure out how to get the real criminal arrested. Now I understand that he’s the world’s greatest detective, but he’s bound to have screw ups ever so often. They’ve gone through a couple of his cold cases, so what if there was an instance where it happened again? If “Corpse De Ballet” took a turn for an open ending of that sort, it would have been cool to see, but the tacked on happy ending felt forced.


“Corpse De Ballet” was on par with a majority of the episodes in entertainment value, but it wasn’t memorable. At least it gave Watson another dimension, though Sherlock’s sexual escapade story took some of the spotlight away from her big.

Rating: 7/10

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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