The LEGO Movie is set to have a huge opening, but — alas — the record will not be broken for the biggest February opening weekend. That title is currently held by The Passion of the Christ, which did $83 Million. Still, it’s going to do huge numbers for what’s often one of the weakest months of the year.

But on to the misfires first. George Clooney‘s The Monuments Men was almost an Oscar contender until the studio and Clooney blinked and moved the picture into February. Perhaps they didn’t know how much competition they would face in The LEGO Movie, which might have looked weak when they moved it, or perhaps they thought they had a totally different appeal. Still, it feels like a misfire, even with so many A-listers involved.

And then there’s Vampire Academy, a film that had troubling figuring out what movie it wanted to sell. Was it a goof on the Harry Potter/Twilight type films that have clogged up theaters, or is it just like one of those movies? Who’s to say, everyone who saw it early can’t talk about it (not a good sign). Perhaps it’s fun, it does come from talent people, but box office-wise, oof.

The LEGO Movie has been building buzz that it’s one of the best animated films since Toy Story 3, which is high praise indeed. Is it because no one expected anything? Regardless, it’s got the heat, and should do over $50 Million for the weekend.

So let’s do this:

  1. The LEGO Movie - $62.4 Million
  2. The Monuments Men – $15.5 Million
  3. Vampire Academy - $7.5 Million
  4. Ride Along – $7 Million
  5. Frozen – $5.9 Million

There’s a real possibility that Ride Along will outgross Vampire Academy.

What are you going to watch this weekend?