evangeline lilly

The momentum for Edgar Wright‘s upcoming movie Ant-Man continues to go strong, at least in the casting department. We know who’s going to don the superhero suit, but what other characters may enter the mix? We’re not entirely sure at the moment, but we know that they’re keen on hiring Evangeline Lilly if everything goes right.

It was announced this morning that actress Evangeline Lilly could be joining the cast of Ant-Man as the female lead. The only thing is that we’re not entirely sure who she’ll be playing in the film. We may be dealing with the second incarnation of Ant-Man, but since Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) is still in the mix, it’s highly possible that they tweak the character of the Wasp to pop up in this film adaptation. Would they have the romantic attraction to each other, like they do in the comics? I would guess that’s a hard no, considering the age difference and the fact that we’re centering more on Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) in this film, but it would be interesting if they still managed to squeeze Wasp into the mix.

There’s a variety of Marvel characters that Evangeline Lilly could be, and the same goes for the casting addition of Michael Peña. Either way we can only guess that they’re both crucial to the story line, and if Lilly is more than likely going to be the female protagonist, then we can snuff out the long-running rumor that Rashida Jones would be part of this film.

Who do you think Evangeline Lilly could be in Ant-Man?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter