odd thomas

As /Film notes, back in 2011, Dean Koontz’s mediocre thriller Odd Thomas was getting the film adaptation treatment, with direction by Stephen Sommers and anchored by Anton Yelchin.  However, Odd Thomas hit a snag with a series of legal wranglings and arguments, and the film has been held up ever since.

But!  Today—nearly four years later—marks the release of the film’s first trailer, and… eh.  Featuring as it does a story about a small-town fry cook named Odd Thomas (yep) who has the ability to see dead people (which becomes a bit of a burden when he begins seeing evil supernatural predators), it all feels like a fairly cheese riff on Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners, but with none of that film’s wit or dark tone.  Hell, even The Frighteners’ mid-1990s CGI looks superior to the cheese on display in the Odd Thomas trailer.

Odd Thomas is set for a February 28th release date (both in theaters and Video On Demand) and co-stars Willem Dafoe and Addison Timlin.

What do you think of the trailer?