fantastic four

If you thought that those behind the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot were near done with casting this picture, you were wrong. Josh Track is still knee-deep in the casting process, and a couple names that are popping up, along with a possible gender-change for Doctor Doom, could spark some serious fan debate.

First we should go over the list of who’s supposedly being screen-tested for the Fantastic Four movie at the moment. Some of the names that have popped up on the Sue Storm front, and those include Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum. This is a hot project, so I’m sure they’ve tested out a lot of women for Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Woman, but I really wouldn’t mind seeing Kate Mara take the part. She’s a talented actress that more people should recognize, and she would make a great Sue. Whichever leading lady gets to be The Invisible Woman will be able to act alongside Michael B. Jordan, playing Johnny Storm.

We still don’t know who they’re looking to cast for Ben Grimm, but it wouldn’t be too far off to say that Miles Teller could get the role of Reed Richards. He’s the young it-actor of the moment, though I do fear he could come off as a winy version of the scientist. The latest rumor is circling around Doctor Doom, and that’s in regards of the villainous character’s gender. Josh Track has gone on to say that if he could find the right woman to fit the part, then he would make Doctor Doom a female. Surely that will piss off a few fanboys/fangirls out there.

Do you like the way they’re casting the Fantastic Four reboot so far?

Source: Slashfilm