The young adult novels turned movies are definitely garnering a lot of attention, but not each one has been a bona fide hit. Divergent promises to bring the action and drama that other movies like The Hunger Games have delivered, but the story line still doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially in this latest trailer.

There’s been a lot of comparisons on Divergent to another popular young adult series, which has turned into a successful film franchise. Does it have what it takes to step up and work as a film? In a way, I hope so, just because the impact these two movies will have on the younger audiences. They showcase young women learning how to fight for themselves, be the dominant ones and change their worlds for the better. We’re in a society that’s littered with lackluster celebrities, so it’s about time we have more strong, empowering female characters take the forefront for a new generation of girls.

Divergent stars Shailene Woodley as Tris, a woman who’s come of age in a dystopian society and must be sent off into one of five factions. The only thing is that there’s something about her that makes her incredibly unique, to the point of where she would be a threat, so she’s labeled as a Divergent. What’s more interesting about this movie is the sequel, Insurgent. There’s already talk of the sequel shooting in May, but no word on who will direct. Either way, fans of the book have something to look forward to. Check out the final trailer below:

Are you interested in watching Divergent when it comes out in theaters?

Source: Slashfilm