captain america poster header

Every year the hype for upcoming Superbowl ads gets blown out of the water as the major motion pictures studios gather to showcase what they will be releasing throughout the remainder of the year. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is starting up the comic book movie summer slate, which means we’re going to be seeing a lot of cool Superbowl ads for this bad boy, but a lot sooner than later.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuted a couple of cool posters earlier this week, and continue to do so today. I’m all for checking out the latest posters for a movie that many of us are incredibly hyped up over, but a teaser trailer for a Superbowl ad is something different. It’s rather odd seeing a fifteen second teaser trailer for an upcoming trailer that is coming out in a couple days. I understand that the studio is trying to pick up more interest so they can have more audiences show up to theaters when April 4th rolls around, but this is going a little overboard.

But what could we be seeing when the trailer rolls out this Sunday? Apparently a lot of action and more confrontation between Captain America (Chris Evans) and the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), along with some more cool shots of the Falcon (Anthony Mackie). Maybe we’ll be getting a neat poster for the Falcon soon enough. Check out the teaser trailer and the posters below:

What are you looking forward to seeing the most in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Source: Slashfilm