Try as Marvel might to keep its collective Marvel Cinematic Universe “Phase Three” cards close to its chest, little details can’t help but continue to shake loose.  As time rolls inexorably forward, so to do the inevitable spoilers about upcoming projects—recently, we learned that not only would there be a Captain America 3, we also learned who would direct.  Now, we have new details concerning a third Thor film.

What do we know?  Well, there will indeed be another Thor flick, as Marvel has already hired the writers—Craig Kyle, who has worked as writer/producer on a number of Marvel’s direct to DVD animated films, will co-write Thor 3 with Christopher Yost, who has worked on Marvel animated efforts and did a writing pass at Thor: The Dark World.

Further, as /Film notes, Kyle has been giving interviews over the past year hinting at the possibility of introducing the character of Ragnarok.  For those not in the know, following a period in which Thor disappears and is presumed dead, Tony Stark teams with Ant-Man and Mr. Fantastic to create a cyborg clone of Thor named Ragnarok; however, self-control is not Ragnarok’s strong suit, and he ends up killing another Marvel hero in the midst of battle rage.

What do you think of the Thor 3 news?