Noah's Ark

The story of Noah and his ark—it’s one of the most inspirational tales of enduring human perseverance, faith, loyalty, and strength.  So what better place to begin spreading the word about his story than in a 30-second slot between an ad for Doritos and some Chryslers during the largest yearly orgy of advertising,  sports, and entertainment, right?  Which is why Noah, the religious biopic directed by the excellent Darren Aronofsky, is getting 30 seconds of highly-coveted airtime during the Super Bowl this weekend.

Those of you who have parsed over the original trailer for the film won’t find much in the way of new footage in this Super Bowl spot (minus a blink or you’ll miss it shot of what appears to be an army of angels shooting towards the Earth), but hey, it’s a Super Bowl commercial, and we’ve got to thus pretend to be interested:

Hopefully, that did something for you.

Noah features the Academy Award-winning Russell Crowe as Noah, a man who (very much in keeping with a Darren Aronofsky character) begins having visions as to what his fate/ultimate goal in life must be, and begins an obsessive journey to see that goal to its fruition.  Oh, and there’s a gigantic boat that holds two of every living thing on Earth.  So that should be neat, too.

Noah is set for a March 28th release date.

What do you think of the Super Bowl trailer?

Source: /Film