A Fault In Our Stars

Shailene Woodley has appeared in the Oscar-nominated The Descendents, had a breakout role this summer in The Spectacular Now, and was reviled by some fanboys for not being pretty enough to play Mary Jane Watson. Woodley has already had a storied career, and now she leads a new romantic dramedy The Fault in Our Stars, where she gets to suffer for love.

Both Woodley’s Hazel and love interest Gus (Ansel Elgort) understand the effects of cancer. She has it, and walks around with a breathing apparatus, while his cancer is in remission. She’s afraid of dying, which Gus interprets as a fear of living. And so they fall in the love and have sex, and then one either dies or almost dies because that’s how these movies work. Here’s that trailer:

One thing I like about this trailer is that Woodley is not playing an ugly ducking. That was her character in The Spectacular Now, and it only seems to encourage the notion that she’s anything less than stunning (she is a movie star). Then again, fanboys are not known for their taste in women. What I don’t like is the overt references to other movies. It’s a little too wink wink these days and suggests that teen romances haven’t evolved since Say Anything (which is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year). Then again, has there been a better one since? The Fault in Our Stars hits theaters June 6.

Is a pen a fair trade for a heart?