Despite the fact that we’ve known about Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot for some time, and that it’s set for a release date just next year, we have no idea who, exactly, the Fantastic Four will be.  As /Film notes, rumors abound that the film’s Johnny Storm, Mr. Fantastic, and Sue Storm have been found in Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and Allison Williams, respectively, but nothing is for certain.  And, there’s yet to be a viable candidate for The Thing.  Until today.

According to, rumor has it that Josh Gad is the top pick to play Ben Grimm, the man who is transformed into the stony Thing.

Gad’s had a strong run lately, having starred in Frozen, been hired to play late comedian Sam Kinison in an upcoming biopic, and will co-write and star in the upcoming Gilligan’s Island movie that the world so desperately needs.

But keep in mind, like just about every bit of superhero info that breaks on a daily basis, Gad’s casting is still just a rumor these days, but we are forced by our Internet Overlords to report it nonetheless.

Fantastic Four is set for June 19, 2015 release date.

What do you think about the Fantastic Four news?