Captain America 3

Marvel has been on a roll lately, with last year’s Iron Man 3 being one of the biggest films of the year, and with Thor: The Dark World topping the first film. Their next title is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and though it’s not due out until April, Marvel is already plotting a third film with Winter Soldier directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

This news comes from Variety, and it’s no surprise that Marvel would want a follow up (we keep hearing good things), and would also want to give titles to the release dates that they’ve marked for upcoming movies (they currently have dated untitled films for May 6 and July 8 2016 and  May 5, 2017, though Batman Vs. Superman has recently claimed the May 6, 2016 date, so who knows). On top of which — though they’ve wanted to hold their cards close to their chest about what’s coming in phase three — they’re not going to be able to keep quiet about what they’re doing in two years for much longer as sequels require performers and talent to be available for a certain window.

What’s fascinating about this is that Winter Soldier directors The Russo Brothers started out doing light comedies, including You, Me and Dupree, before helming and producing Community, which seemingly relaunched them. As Fast and Furious helmer Justin Lin also directed a couple of episodes, who would guess that Community would be training ground for franchise filmmakers?

Are you excited for The Winter Soldier?