For a two-time academy award winner, Christoph Waltz hasn’t made much of an impression outside of Quentin Taratino‘s movies. Not that he hasn’t been choosing smartly: he’s worked with filmmakers like Michel Gondry and Roman Polanski, but in films that were either disappointments (The Green Hornet) or underseen (Carnage). His latest is a Terry Gilliam film called The Zero Theorem, and it looks like another one of this artier endeavors.

Waltz’s character is seemingly named We, and is assigned a hard project after years of doing great work without getting burned out. But, he’s also very quirky and anti-social until he meets a woman (Melanie Thierry), and life and the whole universe might be on the line. The film also features David Thewlis, Ben Whishaw and Matt Damon. Here’s that trailer:

Watching the trailer, it’s hard not to notice this looks like Gilliam is back in the territory of his previous masterpiece Brazil. That film was a battle for the director: it was taken out of his hands and so he had to fight the studio that released it to get his version (or something close to his version) out there. In this case, it looks like the major studios want to avoid that headache as the film has yet to get domestic distribution. But we’re keeping an eye on this one.

What’s your favorite Terry Gilliam movie?