peter capaldi

Doctor Who fans have been dying to get a good look at Peter Capaldi‘s 12th Doctor costume, even though the Christmas special just aired last month. We’re rather impatient and would rather see it sooner than later, which is why we’re incredibly grateful that those behind the widely popular sci-fi series revealed his full costume today, and not closer towards August when the new season airs.

Last month we said goodbye to the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith, and were quickly introduced to the newly regeneration 12th Doctor by the end of the episode. When his first words were “Do you know how to fly this thing,” it intrigued a lot of fans, only because we hope that the Doctor is kidding in that situation. What will Capaldi’s interpretation of the Doctor be like? We’re not entirely sure, but I personally do hope that some of the super quirkiness that folks loved about the 11th Doctor are downsized considerably this time around. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m super happy that they got rid of the bow tie. Enough with the “bow ties are cool” line, it’s been overplayed at this point.

The new season of Doctor Who, set to air in the middle of the year, will find the 12th incarnation searching for his home of Gallifrey, lost after the events from “The Day of the Doctor.” Check out the first official image of the Doctor in costume below.


What do you think of the 12th Doctor’s outfit?

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