Just last week, actress (and wife of our newest Batman, Ben Affleck) confirmed that she has seen the new Batsuit as featured in the massively-anticipated Batman Vs. Superman sequel to Man of Steel.  And now, coming quickly after that cruel tease (Will it have be blue and grey?  Will it have nipples?), comes the news that there may be two new suits.  Which is news, right?  Otherwise, writing about the costume worn by a fictional character who dresses like a bat to scare criminals and punch an extraterrestrial Jesus metaphor would be a little depressing, you know?

According to Latino Review (who usually are pretty decent when it comes to superhero movie scoops), Batman will have two suits.  There will be the traditional comic book blue and grey suit, as well as a second suit.  And rumor has it that the second suit will be fully armored, with silver-white plates (similar to what was used in The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel), and a more appropriate suit to do battle with an invincible alien in tights.

Which means one of two things—either this will look incredibly cool, or incredibly goofy.  Fingers crossed, gang, fingers crossed.

What do you think of the Batsuit news?