ant man

Batman Vs. Superman is supposedly going through some troubled production waters, which is why they moved out of their original release date and into 2016. Now that there’s a perfectly wonderful release slot open in mid-July of 2015, Marvel‘s Ant-Man is going to take it over.

There’s been a lot of news popping up on the Ant-Man front, particularly in the casting front. It was recently announced that Michael Douglas would be taking over the role of Hank Pym, which means that Paul Rudd will be Scott Lang, the second incarnation of Ant-Man. Edgar Wright and company have been heavy at work on the upcoming picture, and I’m all down for seeing it a lot sooner rather than later. Ant-Man was originally going to come out at the end of July but is now scheduled to be released on July 17, 2015. I kind of wish it was coming out a bit sooner than that, but that’s just me being absolutely impatient. After all, we’ve been waiting to seen Ant-Man for quite some time now.

What’s funny is that we know all of this casting news now, but we’re still in the dark as to what the main story is about. Obviously we’re dealing with a more seasoned version of Hank Pym, so the story will more than likely include Scott Lang stealing the Ant-Man suit, unless they alter it in some way. We can only sit back and guess until they come out with an official synopsis.

What are you looking forward to the most from the Ant-Man movie?

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