There’s nothing like a new, slightly twisted take on a random object in a horror film to really creep out audiences. Those behind the upcoming film Oculus make us way to stay away from the mirror thanks to the latest trailer.

Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame stars in the upcoming horror picture as Kaylie, a young woman who’s trying to prove that a supernatural entity was responsible for the murder of another person instead of her brother. Of course it’s difficult to prove that something in the paranormal plain could have extinguished the life of a living creature, and it proves to be quiet difficult to outrun this being from the looks of the trailer. There’s blood seeping out of a mirror, some crazy red-haired lady creeping around and we can only guess what else is happening to the unsuspecting victims. It’s bad enough as it is that some of us refuse to do Bloody Mary to the mirror. If there’s no specific phrase or chant you have to do in front of the mirror for Oculus, I can easily see a few viewers getting nightmares from the movie.

The movie popped up for some folks to see at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, but those of us out here in the Sates won’t be able to see the film in it’s entirety until April 11, 2014. Take a look at the trailer and the poster below.

oculus poster

Will you see Oculus when it’s released in theaters?

Source: Yahoo! Movies