Looper-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the hottest young actors working today, which makes his interest in side projects and directing so fascinating. Here is an actor on every shortlist for the latest superhero movie, and he’d rather make an indie film about a sex addict. But he still likes acting, and besides his involvement with Sandman, he’s also now going to star in Man on a Wire for Robert Zemeckis.

The film would be based on the real life story of Philippe Petit, whose memoir To Reach The Clouds would serve as the basis for the film according to Twitch Film, who they broke this news. Sharp viewers may know that the book was already turned into a documentary in 2008, though there is surely more to explore.

This is also interesting in that Robert Zemeckis took a strange turn into motion capture for a couple of years in his career. Starting with The Polar Express in 2004, he spent the next five years making these sorts of movies until the experiment came to an end when the movies proved more expensive than popular, but it seemed to reflect his interest in the technology of cinema, which he used masterfully in films like Forest Gump and Cast Away. He rebounded with 2012′s Flight, which showed that he still knew how to work with actors, and was a master behind the camera.  Hopefully he’s engaged with this material, as Zemeckis can be great. If this casting sticks, we’d expect the film to be made for Oscar season 2015.

What’s your favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt film?