gal gadot wonder woman

Those of you who caused a ruckus when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film, well, you may want to just duck out for a bit instead of reading this news update… because it looks like Gadot is set to portray the super-powered Amazon for years to come.

During a recent appearance on Good Evening with Gail Pines, Gadot confirmed the news that she had signed a three-film deal with Warner Bros. concerning Wonder Woman.  Meaning, not only will she appear as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman, but likely in the planned Justice League film, as well as another Man of Steel or a Justice League sequel, or her own spin-off Wonder Woman film.

She also confirmed her Batman Vs. Superman salary as being $300,000 which, though a relatively nice chunk of change, is fairly low for a mega-budget project of this kind—it’s possible her role in the film may be something akin to an extended cameo.

Gadot also discussed the development process for Warners’ superhero films:

“I have had discussions, but I think the gestation process for this project is a lot slower than most people think. I mean, they haven’t even shot the next one. They haven’t even shot a frame of the movie before the movie everyone thinks is the Justice League movie!”

What do you think of the Wonder Woman news?

Source:  Total Film