i frankenstein

So this is a January weekend, old school style. I’ve talked before about how January used to be the dumping grounds season, but we’ve recently seen some smartly released films do bang-up business in the first month of the year. Where I, Frankenstein is a perfect example of the sort of dreck genre films we’re used to.

It’s is 93 minutes long, stars Aaron Eckhart, and is a modern something or rather of the Frankenstein myth, though it seems more like an Underworld film than anything else. Will flashy TV spots get this open? Sure, why not.

Unfortunately for it, Ride Along is big. And there’s enough crossover potential to it to make for real competition this weekend. There are also Oscar expansions of films like Nebraska, and as there’s no big football game this weekend in anticipation of the Superbowl next Sunday, it’s possible people could want to go to the theaters. It all depends on the weather, in this case. This weekend will also likely mark the point that The Wolf of Wall Street crosses the hundred million dollar mark. And though we should see some solid numbers this weekend, we are in the midst of a cinematic lull, though in this case by February 7 there’s going to be some stronger titles.

But, when it comes to this weekend:

  1. Ride Along $20.5 Million
  2. I, Frankenstein – $16.7 Million
  3. Lone Survivor – $13.7 Million
  4. The Nut Job - $13 Million
  5. Frozen – $8.5 Million

The only exciting thing that could happen is if I, Frankenstein either exceeds expectations or is utterly defeated.

What are you going to watch this weekend?