captain underpants

Captain Underpants may sound like a silly title, but it’s a name for one of the most popular children’s books out there. Naturally once DreamWorks Animation got their hands on the movie rights, they knew it was time to step it up with obtaining a cool A-list voice cast.

DreamWorks Animation has been sitting on the Captain Underpants movie rights for a couple years now, which surprised a few of us with this recent news. Some of the actors who will be lending their voices to the upcoming animated feature includes Jordan Peele, Ed Helms, Kevin Hart, Nick Kroll and Thomas Middleditch. Each one of these actors make up the main cast, but let me run down the list of who’s voicing which character. Thomas Middleditch and Kevin Hart are voicing the main kids. Kroll will be Professor Poopypants (I swear that’s a character), Helms will be our hero and Jordan Peele will voice another student.

If you had any younger relatives then you’ve more than likely skimmed through the pages of a Captain Underpants book. Each book is pretty adorable, so I can only imagine that more of the same will be translated up on the big screen. The script was written by Nicholas Stoller, the same man who wrote The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted, with Rob Letterman in the director’s chair. Now we sit back and wait to find out when this picture will be released.

Are you familiar with the Captain Underpants books?

Source: Slashfilm