Tom HanksTwo Oscar nominees are hitting Blu-ray and DVD this week — for those looking to play awards season catch up — along with some interesting indies, and the terrible Machete Kills. Also some good catalog titles, including Cat People and a remastered edition of the original RoboCop.


  • Bad Milo: Ken Marino plays a character with a butt demon, so yes we will eventually watch this. Also, it stars Gillian Jacobs from Community, so it’s definitely a renter.
  • Blue Jasmine: Woody Allen’s latest has given Cate Blanchett a lock on the Best Actress Oscar. It’s funny how someone known for his problems with women is one of the best directors of women working today.
  • Captain Phillips: Paul Greengrass’ latest film is now a best picture nominee, but it looks like the six nominations the film got are the wins as both Greengrass and Tom Hanks failed to get nominations, which makes it dead in the water for actually winning any big prizes. It’s a pretty great film about the true story of a man kidnapped by Somali pirates.
  • Charlie Countryman: Shia LaBeouf stars in this film, and he’s an interesting critter right now, isn’t he?
  • In a World…: Lake Bell wrote, starred and directed this movie, which came out of last year’s Sundance and made a nice splash. Though it suffers from some first film qualities, we can’t wait to see what Bell does next.
  • Instructions Not Included: This was the little film that could in 2013, coming out of nowhere and making $44 Million. Basically, this film proves there’s a huge Latino audience in America who aren’t getting served.
  • Machete Kills: This sequel to a spin-off of a fake trailer bombed so hard at the box office it was amazing. Then again, who wanted this?


  • Cat People: Collector’s Edition, Die, Monster, Die!, Raise the Titanic: The latest from Shout/Scream Factory includes the Paul Schrader remake of Cat People, which has to be seen to be believed. It’s the sort of film you watch every couple years hoping that it’s better than you remembered.
  • The Five Heartbeats: Robert Townsend’s musical has a cult following, and it’s actually rather good, even if it’s a bit formulaic in charting the rise and fall of a fictional R&B group.
  • It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, La vie de bohème: The latest from Criterion offers two cuts of Mad, Mad World, one of the longest comedies in cinema history. It’s a must see, even if it’s more fascinating than funny.
  • Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy: A pretty thorough look at the making of the franchise, it’s great that fans have gone about telling the stories of how their favorite films were made, even if the stories aren’t all that interesting. Sometimes it boils down to “we got financing and made it.” Still.
  • Nostalghia: Andrei Tarkovsky is a talent to be reckoned with if you love film. Though his movies aren’t always easy to get into, they’re usually brilliant.
  • RoboCop (Mastered in 4K): Finally, a good transfer of RoboCop on Blu-ray. It’s been on sale for under ten bucks, so there’s that, though it’s doubtful you can buy that for a dollar.

 What are you picking up this week?