Shia Labeouf‘s Hollywood doppelganger Miles Teller is having a pretty great year thus far. After making a triumphant return to Sundance this year with Whiplast, which has generated an enormous amount of buzz, rumors have surfaced about Teller’s next project. Emile Hirsch, who’s set to play John Belushi in Steve Conrad‘s biopic, has revealed that Teller will play young Dan Aykroyd.

According to THR (via /Film) Hirsch revealed this information during a Sundance party which Teller also attended. He said something like, “A shout-out to Miles Teller! We’re going to be working together soon. He’s playing Dan Aykroyd in the Belushi movie.”

There’s no official word on this casting though. Teller’s reps say that he has been offered the role, but nothing is set in stone yet. Teller doesn’t want to commit to any new projects until he’s done doing the press tour for The Awkward Moment.

Also written by Conrad, the biopic is based on the book Belushi by Tanner Colby. Aykroyd serves as one of the producers of the film, and that’s pretty great for whoever ends up getting to playing his younger version. If they ever need any help with their character, they can just ask him for help since he’s part of the team.

Teller is quickly becoming one of hottest young talents in Hollywood. People loved him in the indie film The Spectacular Now, and he’s making a splash at Sundance again this year with Whiplash, which also stars J.K. Simmons. Sony Picture Classics already bought the film.

What do you think? Can you picture Teller as a young Dan Aykroyd?