After a nine month delay, 300: Rise of an Empire is almost ready to hit theaters, and so we’re getting yet another trailer that shows off how this isn’t a prequel, that Eva Green is a badass, and that it’s very similar to 300, but with boats.

That it heavily promotes the fact that it’s produced by Zack Snyder, the original’s director, points out that there aren’t a lot of names attached to the film, but that was also the case with the first movie (the one that almost turned Gerard Butler into a movie star). In every way this film was inevitable as the first film was a surprise hit in 2007. 300 opened to $70 Million, made over $200 Million domestically and nearly half a billion worldwide. It’s one of the big reasons why March is now a big launching point for possible franchises and sequels, which makes it perfect time to release the follow up. Here’s that new trailer:

When Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” kicks in, you know that it’s going to have to show Eva Green doing something evil during the line “just like witches in black masses,” because it’s that kind of trailer. It’s been ten years since Green made a name for herself with the release of The Dreamers, and it’s funny that Hollywood hasn’t yet figured out how to use her. Perhaps this will be her breakout role. 300: Rise of an Empire opens March 7.

Are you excited for a 300 sequel?