Ride Along

January has become a strangely competitive season these days. It used to be that anything released in January was considered crap, but now… they might not be the best films in the world, but they’re not all exploitation and misfires. Studios now make films specifically for January. That’s a huge shift.

That said, they didn’t make Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to come out now, they had originally slotted it for December 25. Looking at the grosses of the films that opened that weekend, moving may have been smart. This film’s success will be judged internationally. If they can get over $200 Million worldwide, we might yet see a franchise. If not….

Ride Along has gotten the hottest name in comedy today: Kevin Hart. Partnered with Ice Cube, it’s not a surprise Universal is already eying a sequel. Then there’s a new Animated movie, The Nut Job, which could open fairly big. We could see the top ten pictures gross more than $100 Million dollars, which is rare for a January. But if there is one film that seems like a normal January movie it’s Devil’s Due, which smartly built some attention with a phony viral video. It’s hard to say if that video will lead to an audience, though.

As for the weekend:

  1. Ride Along – $21.5 Million
  2. Jack Ryan 5 – $20.3 Million
  3. Lone Survivor – $20 Million
  4. The Nut Job – $11.5 Million
  5. Frozen - $11.1 Million

I didn’t go crazy beating myself up over being so wrong on Lone Survivor last week, but I was pretty wrong. That’s predicting this stuff, sometimes you’re really wrong. I could be going low on The Nut Job, but…

What are you going to watch this weekend?