Johnny Depp might soon be adding Doctor Strange to his long list of eccentric characters he’s portrayed on the big screen. New reports have surfaces revealing that the mega-movie star took a meeting with Marvel to discuss playing the role of Dr. Strange in a Phase 3 movie.

Latino Review (via /Film) reports that Depp, who is a comic book fan and may we add, Disney favorite,  is very interested in doing something with Marvel. The site also mentions that if this whole deal goes through, then there would be a change in the production of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Regardless of what our personal feelings are about Depp, he’s still one of the most recognizable faces on Earth. Though Marvel does throw in some unknown (or just not as famous) faces into their movies from time to time, don’t confuse them for a studio who doesn’t care about how popular their stars are, because they really care. (It’s part of their strategy to making billions of dollars.) Just look at who they chose to lead Edgar Wright‘s Ant-ManMichael Douglas.

LR also reports that the current Doctor Strange script is written for an actor in his 30s, so there would have to be some changes in that regard. But Marvel wouldn’t hesitate to do that for Depp. Anyway, once The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters (on May 1, 2015), we might be seeing Depp in the post-credits sequence. You never know.

What do you think of this casting choice? Should Marvel go with Depp? Who else do you have in mind for the role of Dr. Strange?