Back in September 2013, we reported that NBC was in talks with David Goyer to bring the graphic novel Constantine to life via a live-action TV series (which would hopefully tell the story of the dark magic anti-hero John Constantine a little better than the sub-par Keanu Reeves film).  Today, we can tell you that things apparently went rather well, as Goyer’s pitch for the series was successful enough for NBC to order a pilot, and that, according to /Film, Daniel Cerone (Dexter) will co-write with Goyer.

Little else is known of the series—currently, there’s no word as who would star as John Constantine, who would direct the pilot, whether or not the series would be set in the same universe as the Constantine-featuring proposed Justice League Dark film by Guillermo Del Toro, or if the series would feature any connection to the upcoming salvo of Superman/ Batman/ Justice League films, also produced under the DC banner.

What we do know: it really can’t be much worse, wooden, or awkward than the Keanu Reeves disaster of an adaptation.  So rejoice, Constantine fans, it can’t get any worse!

What do you think of the Constantine news?