It’s January, which usually means a sleepy box office. But not this year. Lone Survivor ended up cleaning house this weekend and made nearly $40 Million, which is one of the biggest January openings ever.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Lone Survivor $38,511,000 $13,395 $38,892,000
2 Frozen $15,070,000 (-23.0) $4,653 $317,661,000
3 The Wolf of Wall Street $9,000,000 (-32.0) $3,570 $78,587,000
4 The Legend of Hercules $8,600,000 $4,087 $8,600,000
5 American Hustle $8,600,000 (-30.7)
$3,271 $101,563,000
6 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug $8,015,000 (-48.9) $2,607 $242,219,000
7 August: Osage County $7,315,000 $8,083 $7,860,000
8 Saving Mr. Banks $6,578,000 (-24.3) $2,463 $68,949,000
9 Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones $6,300,000 (-65.7) $2,185 $28,471,000
10 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues $6,100,000 (-42.6) $2,025 $118,518,000

Though the film had an Oscar qualifying run, this weekend will likely be Lone Survivor‘s greatest reward. The film is now on the path to make $100 Million domestic. It’s a big win for everyone involved, though perhaps Taylor Kitsch benefits the most, as he’s recently been in a number of high profile failures.

Frozen is still playing, and shows no signs of slowing down. $350 is likely, $400 Million is not impossible. The Wolf needs to get some big Oscar nominations to make over $120 Million, but right now getting to a hundred domestic is going to happen. American Hustle already got there, and would also benefit from Oscar love.  The Legend of Hercules is a bomb, but I can’t imagine they expected much.

Eh, it’s no surprise that The Marked Ones is almost gone, even if it almost topped the box office last weekend, and August: Osage County at least opened okay in wider release. It opened better than Her, which couldn’t crack the top ten.

Reality Check: I was way way way low on Lone Survivor and I thought Her might open. So so wrong.

What did you watch this weekend?