jesse plemons

Well, here’s a news bit to unite fans of Star Wars, Breaking Bad, and Friday Night Lights: Jesse Plemons, who starred in Friday Night Lights and played the “dead-eyed Opie piece of s***” sociopathic Todd in the final two seasons of Breaking Bad, is currently auditioning for the lead role in Star Wars Episode VII.

Apparently, The Wrap has confirmed with multiple sources that the actor (who also appeared in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master) has filmed an audition “that was well-received by those involved in the casting process” and that next week he’ll be flying to Los Angeles to audition for J.J. Abrams in person.

So, what does this all mean?  Well, it could very well amount to nothing at all—we’re sure that, at this point, tons of actors and actresses have auditioned for roles in the new Star Wars film.  That said, Plemons has been gaining in popularity as an actor, and The Wrap’s sources state that he’s currently the “favorite” for the role in question.   So who knows, maybe we’ll get a “dead-eyed Opie son of a Skywalker” in the next Star Wars flick (we kid, we kid—we love Plemons).

What do you think of the Star Wars news?