House of Cards Season 2

Has it been a year since House of Cards hit Netflix and revolutionized the possibilities of Netflix’s television arm? The David Fincher-produced series stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, and more than Lilyhammer suggested that the service could compete with networks like AMC and FX with some smart original programming (and resurrections of shows like Arrested Development). We’re only weeks away from the release of Season 2 of House of Cards, and now there’s a trailer for the new run.

It shows that Spacey’s Francis Underwood has worked his way into become the new Vice President of the United States, but that his machinations to get there may bite him on the backside. But as Underwood is a great snake, he’s got moves to make sure he isn’t going down without a fight. Though it’s been almost a year since we watched the series (we marathoned Season 1 when it hit last February), this trailer has us excited for FU’s return.

The flagship of Netflix’s 2012 original programming, Cards is the first to return. The good news is that we should be getting a season 2 of Orange is the New Black shortly, though the state of more Arrested Development is still under discussion (as fans of the show, even we are getting tired of hearing about more), while the service is pursuing four Marvel-centric series for the future and more. Basically, Netflix is cheap, video stores are dead, and it’s getting to be darn near impossible not to have the service at this point. House of Cards returns for Valentine’s Day on February 14.

How did you watch House of Cards?