fast and furious 6 paul walker

In what is considered a truly classy move on Universal Pictures’ behalf, the studio finally came to the decision to retire Paul Walker‘s character in the Fast & Furious franchise rather than killing him off. While I’m not entirely sure what the character Brian O’Connor was going to do in Fast & Furious 7, at least he’s getting a proper send-off.

Actor Paul Walker met a tragic fate late in 2013, and with that the Fast & Furious franchise was met with a difficult decision. Would they kill off his character, or find another alternative to take him out of Fast & Furious 7 without upsetting people? Thankfully they went for the latter, since they’re going to use footage that was already shot of Paul Walker in the upcoming sequel in order to wrap up his character’s story. Brian O’Connor will be retired, which in some ways works perfectly for his character’s story line. If you watched Fast & Furious 6, you would remember that his character’s wife was incredibly worried about him coming back home at all, considering that he is in a rather dangerous line of work. Since his character has a brand new baby, it gives him more incentive to stay at home rather than risk his neck out there for lord-knows-who.

What about the rest of the story for Fast & Furious 7? Those involved are currently going through major script rewrites with screenwriter Chris Morgan. Fast & Furious 7 is now due out in theaters on April 10, 2015.

Will you still watch Fast & Furious 7 when it comes out in theaters next year?

Source: TotalFilm